As part of their birthday presents, I give each of my grandchildren a check to be donated to a charity of their choice. Lily, Alan and Wes have all recently celebrated their birthdays.

Lily celebrated her 14th Birthday. She is an amazing young woman who made her donation to a program supporting the women of Iraq in their struggle for basic human rights, gender equality and education.

Alan celebrated his 11th Birthday. He is very interested in the environment. He actually turns off unnecessary lights. Alan donated to a charity called Team Trees that plants one tree for every dollar donated. He’s excited about the trees that will come from the trees he donated.

Wes celebrated his 8th birthday. He was very touched by the destruction following Hurricane Irma when we visited Puerto Rico. He chose to make a donation supporting the recovery effort after Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico.

Little Ray’s donation is yet to be determined.

We should never underestimate how much our children and youths care about others, our environment and their future.