I walk everyday…somedays I walk through town. I usually greet people as we pass each other. Most people respond with a hello, hi, perhaps a smile. Some people are listening to their phone or deep in thought and just pass me by. I like seeing little children and dogs. People with children and dogs are usually more open to acknowledging my greeting and open to a short exchange.

I am especially touched when I see a couple walking together, holding hands. I often will share with them how happy it makes me to see them together as it reminds me of times when Bob and I would walk together. Sometimes I would walk ahead a little faster than him and he would ask me if I was catching a train? Then, I would slow down, hold his hand and we would walk along together. I miss those walks…

Other days, I walk through the East Greenwich Historic Cemetery. It is a nice walk, not too hilly, not too straight. I usually listen to the Rod Stewart Network walking to the music and sometimes singing along. I expect people seeing me might think I am a little odd. Some days there will be family members visiting one of the graves. There is one particular grave that touches me so… It is the grave of a teenage boy, killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of his family and friends. His grave is marked with a hockey stick, his jersey, a flag and other mementos. Some days, I see his father just sitting there. I did approach him once when he shared his anguish with me. I gave him a Caring Coin as a simple gesture of my sympathy but realized nothing could really ease his pain. Now, when I see him sitting there I do not approach him as he is deep in his memories. Yesterday, there were three of this boy’s friends there by his grave. I went home for Caring Coins which I shared with them. We spoke for a few moments. What could I say to ease their pain except to share with them that he will always be in their hearts and that he would want them to carry on, living their lives to the fullest as he would do.

Life can be so unfair sometimes…And other times it is glorious.
We must cherish each moment as we take our daily walk each day.