I was privileged to be a Community Volunteer at Generation Citizen for the third year.

Generation Citizen is a non-profit organization that is working to transform civics education so that young people are equipped and inspired to exercise their civic power. Through hands-on civic education, legislative advocacy and coalition building and youth leadership development, young people are taught how they have a voice as active citizens in their communities.

This year students from 63 schools in Rhode Island presented projects covering topics where students want to see change such as drugs, violence, school waste, foster care, infrastructure, mental health and the list continues. The presenters represent their entire classes which have participated in formulating the presentations. The students present their project to Community Volunteers who listen, ask questions and then evaluate the presentations.​

I am totally impressed, inspired and hopeful as I listen to these amazing students.

Thank you, Generation Citizen, for all you are doing to preserve our democracy by empowering our youth. And thank you for inviting people like me from the community to participate in your very important mission.