March 28th marks the 12th Annual Worldwide l Matter, You Matter Day which was started by the You Are Never Alone Foundation (YANAF), a non-profit organization which I formed in 2007. While YANAF no longer exists, its mission to offer a message of caring and connection by sharing wooden Caring Coins as tokens of hope is still very active to this day. The response to this effort has been amazing. Over 150,000 Caring Coins have gone around the world! Learn more me about the journey of the caring coins at

This year I am initiating a Countdown to I Matter, You Matter Day from March 1st to March 28th. The hope is to have everyone share one or more simple acts of caring each day. The possibilities are endless and right in front of our eyes if we just look for them.

The caring connection could be a smile, a wave, a phone call, or lending a helping hand. In doing these simple acts we acknowledge others and let them know that they matter!

Our goal is 1,000,000 acts of caring around the world by March 28th. This is definitely doable but I need your help to spread the word to let others know about this challenge. I invite you to share this message with everyone you know in person, on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, however!

Print and post the Posters everywhere!!!

Caring is Contagious!